You and Yours - and the Restraint and Segregation Review

In an edition of You and Yours broadcast on May 15th 2019 reporter Caroline Atkinson accompanies the CQC on a visit to an inpatient hospital, as it conducts it's inquiry into the use of restraint, seclusion and segregation.


You and Yours reporter Carolyn Atkinson accompanies the CQC as they carry out an inspection of an inpatient hospital as part of their review of restraint, seclusion and segregation. In her report Carolyn tells us that the CQC have raised concerns about almost a third of the people who are currently being segregated.

We also hear from the mother of one young man who has been segregated, secluded and restrained on numerous occasions over the last seven years and who describes the harrowing detail of some of her son's care.  

The programme was broadcast just before the publication of the CQC enquiry's interim report and includes an interview with the enquiry's lead Paul Lelliot. Who cites workforce problems as a major factor, with an over reliance on unqualified agency staff as a particular problem.  

Caroline Atkinson's Report