The Revised 8 Point Plan

The Rightfullives 8 Point Plan Consultation and the Revised 8 Point Plan

Mark Brown
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We are publishing the results of the Rightfullives 8 Point Plan Consultation. We would like to thank everybody who took part and who made the effort to share their perspectives and experiences. The respondents have come from across the community and include people, with learning difficulties, autistic people, family members, advocates and practitioners.

In total 140 people took part and hundreds of comments have been made on the different proposals. The variety in the range of responses has been illuminating. Through these we have been able to amend the 8 Point Plan in a way that makes it more comprehensive and easier for the government to be able to respond positively to - but without losing it's rigour and the rights based approach to the lives of people with learning disabilities and autistic people.

We hope that the government will respond positively to this Revised 8 Point Plan and support it's further development. 

The Rightfullives 8 Point Plan Consultation