Homes Not Hospitals - MP Drop-In

Support the lobby of Parliament on June 26th

Isabelle Garnett


The recent revelations in BBC’s Panorama on Whorlton Hall are just the tip of the iceberg with regard to the systemic abuse of autistic children, young people and adults, and those with learning disability living in in-patient care.

NHS England’s Transforming Care Programme was meant to close these inpatient institutions in favour of homes in the community. It has failed and this failure is devastating, as 2,245 people with learning disability and autistic people remain in inpatient units. More alarming still, the number of children under 18s in these units has doubled since 2015.

Human rights abuses will continue unless there is strong leadership to drive change The inpatient model of care routinely involves seclusion, prone restraint and overmedication and represents a denial of basic human rights. Aside from the cases of abuse, there have been a scandalous number of deaths in these units. There must be root and branch reform to change the model of care – and MPs have a key role in making this happen.

You can help change this People with learning disability and autistic people need homes, not hospitals. This isn’t complicated to achieve, and it is cheaper to the tax payer too! With your support, people can lead safe and happy lives in the community, their human rights respected. They need the right support, in the right place, at the right time.

Please email your MP and invite them to the Homes Not Hospitals meeting, by clicking HERE and following the instructions.. We hope that through speaking with constituents with lived experience, as well as key figures in the field, a wide range of MPs will find out about the extent of this systemic problem, what can be done about it and how they can help drive the change that is needed.