Roundabouts and Swings

A poem to explore the different perspectives of those involved in the lives of autistic people and people with learning disabilities.

Julie Newcombe

Roundabouts and Swings

So whose voice might be my voice?
Who got right inside my head?
And just who is making my choice?
Did they hear what I have said?

This role that you are playing
And your world view override
All the things that I am saying
And my voice will be denied.

For whose voice might be your voice?
Are you shouting in the void?
Does it all just seem like white noise?
Do they say you’re paranoid?

The powers that be ignore you
When they meet behind closed doors,
Then they try to reassure you,
Whilst they’re pointing out your flaws.

These endless fake discussions
You say nobody has heard,
With no say on repercussions.
Well now, welcome to my world.

So many ways of hearing
What a person needs to say.
When your ego’s disappearing
You might find a better way.

To those who say they knew it,
That we’re hearing different things.
Maybe flip the way you view it.
It’s all roundabouts and swings.