CBF - Government Guidance on Covid19


The Challenging Behaviour Foundation's Repository of government guidance on Covid-19

COVID-19 Guided Self-help Booklet Series

Scottish LDO

"The University of Glasgow ,with assistance from colleagues at Lancaster University and the University of Warwick, have published a series of guided self-help booklets developed to support people with mild to moderate learning/intellectual disabilities during the COVID-19 outbreak."

Keeping Informed and In Touch during Coronavirus


Important resource from Learning Disability England helping to keep people informed and stay in touch

Holding onto principles – the MCA and Covid-19

39 Essex

On April 16th 39 Essex Chambers gave a hugely over-subscribed webinar on the MCA and Covid-19.

Covid-19 and People with Intellectual Disability


New guidance for practitioners from Radiant Research Consortium in Hertfordshire - Radiant have now published three different guides on treating people with an intellectual disability - some of it is emotionally difficult for people to read but it is very helpful so well done to Radiant for publishing these guides.

Template letter to challenge failure to provide Personal Protective Equipment

Inclusion London

Inclusion London have created "a template letter for people who employ their own personal assistants and have problems obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE) from their local authority."

Raising concerns about restrictions on care during the coronavirus pandemic


Voiceability share template letter challenging the blanket use of Do Not Attempt CPR (DNACPR) notices.

Challenging Behaviour Foundation FAQs


The Challenging Behaviour Foundation and a number of legal practitioners have created a really useful FAQ sheet.

SORM Studios Learning Hub

A brilliant resource from the guys at @Sormstudios

Coping with the uncertainty of Coronavirus

An article from Autistica about coping with the uncertainty of Coronavirus

VoiceAbility Resources

VoiceAbility have made their Coronavirus resources available to social professionals and others.

Keep Safe - New Website from Photosymbols


Brilliant new website from Photosymbols providing easy read materials relating to the Coronavirus

Social Distancing


Great GIF from showing the importance of social media.

Covid-19 Hospital Passport


A template for a Covid-19 Hospital Passport from Learning Disability England

Learning Disability Wales - Coronavirus Resources

A collection of Coronavirus resources from Learning Disability Wales

BTM - Bradford Talking Media

A wide range of accessible resources on Coronavirus from BTM. Available in 12 different languages.

PhotoSymbols Easy Read Coronavirus Posters

Photo Symbols

Poster 1 - How to stay safe, Poster 2 - Health issues, Poster 3 - What if you get ill? Poster 4 - Staying at home, Poster 5 - Please don't spread it, Poster 6 - You must stay at home.

Carers UK Coronavirus Guidance for Carers

Carers UK

"This page sets out the current government guidance as it relates to carers and offers suggestions for making plans. We have answers to some frequently asked questions on this page and have created a Wellbeing Action Plan with some tailored tips on keeping a positive frame of mind. You may also be interested in reading the joint statement about the coronavirus (COVID-19) we have issued with Carers Trust..."

Carol Gray Social Story about the Coronavirus

Carol Gray

"This story is about pandemics and the Coronavirus. A pandemic is when many people in a large area become sick. A pandemic is usually caused by a new virus...

NDTI-Autistic People and Coronavirus


Information sheet from the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTI) about what the Coronavirus epidemic means for autistic people.

Beating the Virus


A short wordless story, that will help people to understand what to do if you have Coronavirus and how to keep yourself and those who you care about safe. The story also shows how to safely help others who may be self-isolating. Supplementary text at the end of the story gives information on where people can seek help if they are unwell and signposts to other useful resources.

Hand Washing Rap

Video - The Hand Washing Rap from the Purple All Stars