Sarah Clayton

Sarah Clayton is a mum with four children (2 of them aren't really children any more which makes her feel a bit old...)

Sarah is passionate about posture. This automatically makes you think she is dull but actually she's alright...

She has worked with families of children living with complex disability since the late 1990’s. Her life’s mission is to enable parents and practitioners to understand the risks children and adults face if they find it difficult to move and to help put an end to avoidable complications such as hip dislocations and scoliosis.

In September 2007 Sarah’s daughter Abigail was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour aged 6.  Abi is doing well at a mainstream college with additional support. Sarah has three other children, works full time and can regularly be found wearing her jumper inside out.

In a nutshell what is postural care...

People who find it hard to move are at risk of being left in limited positions for long periods of time.

Anyone who has been on a long haul flight knows what it is like not to be able to change position, get up and move around.

The problem is that if you stay in a limited number of positions day after day, month after month, year after year, your body can begin to change shape - which makes it even harder to change position. 

Changes in body shape lead to premature death. They also make life incredibly difficult limiting your life chances and opportunities.

Changes in body shape are avoidable IF people have access to the information and equipment they need. Service providers are currently unaccountable for the avoidable harm that is done to children, young people and adults.

Reasonable Adjustment Guidance around postural care can be found here