What day is it?

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Angela Hackett

I'm now in week 4 of lockdown with one of my twins. I say lockdown...I still have to shop for my other twin son who is in lockdown with his supported living provider 3 miles away. I am not allowed to visit. He doesn't understand Skype and if he saw me he would want me to come into his flat, so, as heartbreaking as it is and despite me complaining bitterly... this is the way it is. Our days at home merge into one very long continuous Sunday. Even night times are daytime for me, as I watch Trumps live updates on CNN and wonder how this frightening narcissist became the leader of the free world. My other son seems happy to have unfettered access to YouTube now (I did try to have a structure, but stuff that after a week!) His day care is closed until June so we have slipped into doing what the hell we like! having PJ days and eating at odd times and whatever is in the fridge until I don the sweaty gloves and sanitizer and mentally prepare for THE SUPERMARKET QUEUE!! I also keep in touch with other parents who are in different stages of coping . This is a cruel thing for our autistics, so I try to keep spirits up with brain teasers or a Yorkshire pud competition at the weekend...or whenever...three no two days ago, I forget. What day is it?