What a difference Skype makes…

Sunday, April 19, 2020 Isabelle Garnett

Like many families in similar situations, it’s been hard not being able physically to be with our young man. Like others, he is struggling to understand the need for social distancing and with not being able to do the things he usually does (the hardest of all being the suspension of his beloved football leagues).

So it was a magic moment, when Matthew’s cousins made him a very funny video and (thanks to Skype) we were able to play and watch it with him. Seeing his face light up and hearing him laugh was absolutely priceless.

Skype has been an invaluable way to communicate and have fun with Matthew. It is incredibly reassuring to be able to see his face and be able to do football quizzes (a friend’s great suggestion) with him. We are deeply thankful to his fantastic care team for setting up skype and helping him to use it.