We arent just saving the NHS we are bailing out our politicians

Sunday, April 12, 2020 Mark Brown

I've just watched Charlie Stayt's interview with Bill Gates. Great interview. A lot of what they covered related to a talk that Gates did in 2015 a talk that's definitely worth 10 minutes of your time.

The interview and the presentation are a massive indictment of the world's political leaders. Not because they set out to make political points, but because sometimes journalist's doing their jobs properly and people sharing their knowledge can do that. It's strange to think that if Theresa May and Boris Johnson had been more focused on the well-being of the people they govern and less obsessed with the needs of their political party, we wouldn't be so far up a creek without a paddle.

The political inaction is actually worse than we might think. In 2016 the NHS carried out a pandemic preparedness exercise called Cygnus which apparently didn't go too well. Their response has been to bury the report and carry on introducing efficiency savings. Which is another way of saying cutting capacity. Well they cut capacity and they lost thousands of NHS workers because of Brexit and the irony of it is that Jeremy Hunt who was in charge in 2016 when they ran and buried Cygnus is now sitting on the Health and Social Care holding the government to account. The cynicism of it is mindboggling.

I don't mind staying indoors to save lives because we'd have had to do it anyway - in fact we should have been doing it much sooner. But I resent the hypocrisy of our politicians and above all I resent the deaths; the thousands and very probably millions of people who will die from this outbreak because our politicians are shit. As for the science they are following? It's still herd immunity, it's still eugenics and the truth is they've chosen the science that sustains their prejudices.