Tuesday, April 7, 2020 Julie Sharp

Today is Tuesday. I open my curtains. There is sunshine outside. There is frost on the grass. I am still trapped in my flat. My social outings have been stopped. I am contained in my flat. I start the day with Toy Story 2. Today is another day of being trapped in my flat whilst the sun shines outside. I have autism. It is hard being trapped in my flat. I cannot follow the rules like everyone else as my support for going out has been stopped. I have limited mobility. I need support to push my wheelchair to access the outside world. It is like the days of no social care have returned. Will my social support as it is called come back or will the government or council decide I can remain trapped in my flat forever as it is safer for me and cheaper for them. I am not in the extremely vulnerable group yet I am still trapped in my flat by my limited mobility.