Thank you Jesus for Apple

Friday, April 17, 2020 Leo Andrade

How thankful I am I have modern technology. Thanks to iPhone iPad Mac I can communicate with my son, but what it can’t do is explain to my son why there’s a lockdown and there’s this virus that we may as well call world war 3 because let’s face it it’s exactly what it is a world war3 without the guns. This war kills without a bomb or a bullet, and it’s a world because it’s attacking every country on this earth. We are told stay at home and it’s where we all feel safe, we are safe, but have we thought really how safe? Every day there’s still goings on. The postman knocks. The delivery guy knocks. The rubbish man picks up the rubbish. The street man cleans. So now I find myself washing the door the gate the bins with bleach. Paranoia sits in. Then I think of my son in a confined area he’s room mostly with 3 people, they are a god send no doubt about it I am extremely grateful and I can’t thank them enough, we are going on a bit about nhse staff and yes we should be grateful to them, but what about the wonderful people that are carers who go to my son day night 7 days a week risking their lives and quite possibly my sons life God forbid,Who’s speaking and thanking and clapping for them? I do naturally because without them my son would not be cared for. So I want to thank each and every single member of Stephen Andrade Martinez staff. And want to thank every single carer in this country weather your a care worker or a parent and also very importantly children who are carers, who’s are looking after them? Those children ? There’s thousands of children carers across the country and I feel so sad I can’t do anything for them. Then there’s our beloved friends children/adults in ATUs and my heart breaks for them and their parents, my heart breaks for my dear friends Pam and Roy Hickmott they haven’t seen their son in 4 weeks they don't have FaceTime or Skype, they rely on the telephone and when they are speaking on the telephone are they really being told if their son is really ok? Or are they just being told he is ok? Like thousands of others across the country? Locked up and locked down. I wonder how many of those poor souls are having a good meal how are they living ,what’s their living conditions, what happens if the staff are sick who looks after them? Are they locked inside their rooms and left alone? This war we are having in modern world 2020 is having a devastating impact on every single person yes, But certainly more so on the autistic and Learning disability community and their families. I pray that this ends soon and we are all reunited with our loved ones and we’re all healthy. Until then let’s stay safe. And stay home. And most importantly let’s look after each other and think of others. Let’s be kind and show love and compassion for thy neighbour. God bless you all.