Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Nicola Bartzis

I think I've been ok so far, not being able to just pop out to the shops was our 'normal' for so long that going back to it felt familiar, and comfortable, like an old pair of well worn slippers.

But today has been tears, sleep, more tears and a sense of loss.

I avoid the news for the most part, dip in and out of social media, so it's not that.

Then I checked the date. Yep, it was supposed to be my first day in a new job. IMHA/General advocate in a couple of residential/supported living places, start date put off until June (if not later), and I can't help wondering what is happening in those places. How are the people I should be supporting coping? How are the staff coping? Do they have PPE? Will they still be there in a couple of months time? Will the job be?

So yeah, struggling today.