Sourdough disaster

Sunday, April 5, 2020 Caroline Hunter

Day started early, as do all days at the moment. Like most people I'm sure, just not sleeping well. Birds tweeting happily outside, but little do they know they're on their last bag of bird food. Followed this by my first attempt at sourdough bread. It will also be my last. Disaster doesn't come close my friends. Where did I go wrong? I feel I lost a good few days in the intricate preparation as well. Second weekend ever that we haven't seen our boy, missing him more than we can say but know he's safe and he looks and sounds well. Also missing our lovely girl. Enjoyed some sunshine, lucky to have a tiny garden, which looked even more tiny when the garage "needed a clear out." Watched another episode of "Anne of Green Gables" - strangely addictive and evoked memories of reading this a long time ago. Followed somewhat later by an "Only Fools & Horses" special, washed down nicely with a g and t. And so to bed said Zebedee!