Not just another Thursday

Thursday, April 9, 2020 Julie Newcombe

J had to have his monthly blood test this morning. We got into the car, armed with face masks and sanitiser, and drove over to his care home. Staff from the medical centre had arranged to meet us there. A nice reasonable adjustment! The journey was weird. There were more cars on the road than I had expected but it was odd to see so many different queues of people along the route, all standing 2m apart. Occasionally someone chose to break social distancing rules and blundered past others, far too close. Several people wore face masks and even gloves. Some were smiling and talking, but most were serious and silent. An ambulance sped past us, sirens wailing. It felt like something out of a film. J had his blood test sitting in our car on the home’s driveway. He was really patient and handled the change well especially as we were delayed. Maybe he was taken aback by the whole surreal situation. I certainly was. We live in strange times.