Monday Morning

Monday, April 6, 2020 Julie Newcombe

Two good things happened this morning. Firstly, we had a delivery of fruit and veg from the local farm. It looks delicious and it seems we will be eating a lot of soups in the coming days! Secondly, our social worker emailed to see how we all are. She’s very supportive and I guess we are lucky. J has been home with us since the pandemic began. None of us would have been happy if we couldn’t see one another. Other family member are working from home so it’s possible. Again we are lucky. I told the social worker that J continues to have restless nights, thrashing about in his bed and talking in his sleep. He can be very distant in the days, spending a lot of time in rituals. We all know that this is trauma related following his harrowing experiences in psychiatric hospitals. It’s really hard to motivate him to do much at all at times. Still the sun is shining and we can get outside. We go for walks and chat and tell stories. Later we’ll build a railway from his blue Tomy track and hope we have enough batteries for the trains. And eat vegetable curry for dinner.