Me, North Yorkshire self advocate for adults with Learning disabilities/ Autism or both.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Natasha Nathan

Hi, I am out and proud, having autism, dyslexic and dyspraxic myself. So that's how I have the empathy, understanding, and love doing my volunteer work. For a charity called ” Keyring”. Where I am a valued member of the team, and all the Health Rep, and the equity and diversity board.

YesπŸ‘ Now, times of different, and instead of going to face to face meeting, we are all working from home 🏘. For me, because of my other health needs/disabilities. I personally have been socially isolating since 22 March, because of COVID-19. That's not even going out at all.

My days are filled, with me, πŸ”— linking up with fellow members from keyring, and I also look at Facebook, and look for articles of the internet. Specifically aimed, for those with Learning disabilities/ autism or both.

Then I either, send them to, me fellow members of Keyring, or share them to others on Facebook.

I have also got a few printed copies too if anyone needs them. Lots of them are also, in a format called ” easy read” where the font, is always big, and then the language used is simple, clear easy to read sentence with no big words, which we might understand. There is also lots of pictures too.

So, please πŸ™ anyone else interesting or working, in this area it would be amazing if we could link πŸ”— up. Thinking of you, all, stay 🏑 home, stay safe, stay connected. Natasha Nathan.