Ice cream

Monday, April 27, 2020 Amanda Rackley

Today was a good day. We connected on a live video link with friends. We made cards for a friend who is retiring. Normally we would have gone out to buy one but we are getting good at making things out of what we have at home now. We will send online photos of the cards and what's written in them and then give them to her when we next see her for the proper celebration of her retirement. During the day we heard that there is an ice cream delivery service going on! How could we resist? We ordered seven ice cream boats with chocolate flakes. We were given a time slot and we waited for the ice cream van to arrive outside. We watched from the window and as he changed his mask and put on fresh gloves before swirling our double ice creams into each little boat. We had left a tray on the front doorstep as requested and an envelope with the correct money as I could not work out how to make the payment on my new phone (I would usually have had help setting it up from one of my sons, but that is not possible at present!). The ice creams were paraded down the path by the ice cream man and laid carefully on our tray. We had arranged for one of the seven to also be delivered to my dad who lives next door. He still loves an ice cream with a flake even at 93. Do we ever grow out of ice cream? The excitement of that delivery was way beyond anything in our normal pre-Corona, pre-Lockdown life. We all decided it was the best ice cream ever!