Deja Vu

Thursday, April 9, 2020 Nicola Bartzis

I'm lucky I guess, that George lives close enough for me to pop in whenever and that I'm part of his support team. I went round today and spent time with him in the garden, just chilling in the sunshine. He was expecting to go out and did his usual routine of going through the photos on my phone, pointing out his favourite places (all pub lunches and always burger and chips, with an occasional ice cream thrown in). Sad not to be able to take him out and I could see his disappointment. Deja vu because when he was at home he had a couple of major operations that left us unable to get out, lasted 2 years on and off. Driving home, it struck me that I'd switched to survival mode, something that kicks in once you accept that life will never be the same again, so you might as well spend your time and energy adapting instead of trying to maintain the old 'normal'. Might have to look up Farmville again.