Coronavirus pandemic - experiencing complete isolation - 9th April 2020

Saturday, April 18, 2020 Cos Michael

(Extract from Cos Michael's blog Autism Age)

Covid 19 has no precedent in modern times - it's never happened before, so there are no guidelines for advice.

Everyone's situation is different, depending on whether they're alone and in full isolation as I am: or living with partners, caring for families or worried for distant relatives. Many must go out and face the uncertainty and stress of work, which must be fearful. Most of the population can go out once a day. Having a garden, as I do, makes a huge difference to both available space and quality of life, but others are confined to a flat. Those with mental and / or physical health issues face different challenges too. All of these situations can be found in the autistic community. I can only describe my personal experience....

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