Thursday, April 23, 2020 Mark Neary

Things I think about when I'm on my daily 45 minute exercise bike session: Will Tesco ever come good and produce a delivery slot? How much damage is all the lifting doing to my hernia? Should I buy that pair of mules slippers I keep noticing on Amazon? How are the support workers managing to keep so cheerful? Will Steven know the words to every song from South Pacific before lockdown ends? Where can I find some black market fish & chips? Will this month's direct payments get paid into the account tomorrow? Will we die? How many episodes of Endeavour can I cram in if I get up at 6.30? Who's turn is it to go out in search of Blackcurrant Fruitellas? Have I got the wherewithal to go an queue up for over an hour for the missing items on my prescription? Will I ever do 45 minutes on this sodding bike without my bum going numb?