4 Letters

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 Mark Neary

3 Letters and an email arrived today:

  1. My cancer check-up has been postponed.
  2. After chasing Steven for £1250 Council Tax that he didn't owe, the council have decided that they owe him £336. He has to submit a request in writing for the refund. It's not repaid to him automatically.
  3. Email from Sainsburys CEO about what they're doing to help the vulnerable. Huge dissonance between email and reality because Steven not vulnerable enough.
  4. My hernia operation has been postponed. Weigh-in, I'll just go and make it worse whilst I carry Steven's shopping from Sainsburys.

A bit of a weepy day. Thankfully, off to Steven's this afternoon for some Sunshine On Leith.

Over and Done With.