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I hope he doesn't feel too lonely


Article on the World Economic Forum website about the impact of Covid 19 on people with intellectual disabilities.

Jane Philpott on life inside the care home where 95 per cent of the residents have covid-19

National Post

An article from the Canadian National Post - "...Forty of the 42 residents at Participation House have tested positive for COVID-19. Six have died. On the day Philpott arrived, the centre was down to just 10 staffers from a full cohort of over 100. “It was sort of in this survival phase. It was in survival mode,” she said. 'I saw people who were really worried amongst the staff. I saw residents who were really worried. You could see it in their eyes.'... "

High Risk, Infected and Dying of COVID-19 – But Who Is Counting?

Pam Katz

"...People with I/DD face grave danger in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic – with underlying health conditions, many are at a higher risk. Then why aren’t you hearing about it? Nursing homes and cruise ships, overflowing emergency rooms and makeshift hospitals set up in Central Park fill our television screens and headlines. Why are people with disabilities far too often ignored when we are focusing on who is impacted by this crisis? Who is counting – and revealing – the dangers facing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, particularly those living in large, congregate settings?..."

People with intellectual disabilities may be denied lifesaving care


"Advocates for people with intellectual disabilities are concerned that those with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and other such conditions will be denied access to lifesaving medical treatment as the COVID-19 outbreak spreads across the country...."

Coronavirus Cases Soar in New York Group Homes

NBC New York

"Coronavirus cases are soaring inside New York’s group homes for the developmentally delayed, with workers scrambling to maintain proper staffing ratios for their high need residents, who cannot comprehend the rules of social distancing. “We’re struggling,” says Libby Traynor, executive director of the non profit AABR, which has a state contract to operate 22 group homes for about 200 autistic and intellectually disabled adults in the five boroughs. "I just got the spreadsheet and it was lit up like a Christmas tree with the positive diagnoses..."

Red Cross Publishes Guidance on Inclusive Programming for Covid-19


Report from the International Committee of the Red Cross - COVID-19: inclusive programming – Ensuring assistance and protection addresses the needs of marginalized and at-risk people including disabled people.