Radio 4 CQC Investigation

A report on Radio 4 about the CQC inquiry into things that can happen to people with learning disabilities and autism when they are in -inpatient hospitals.

Mark Brown

BBC Radio 4 reporter Carolyn Atkinson went with the CQC when they inspected an inpatient hospital.

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The CQC have been asked by the government to inspect hospitals and write a report.

The report is about how autistic people and people with learning disabilities are being treated.

The government wants to know if people are being restrained and segregated.


Restrained means that people are being held physically.

Segregated means that they are kept separate from other people.


The CQC Inspectors told Carolyn that they are worried about the way some people are being treated.

Carolyn spoke to the mother of one young man who has been restrained and segregated a lot over the last 7 years.

The think that staff problems are one of the reasons for this.  

You can listen to the programme on the link below:

Caroline Atkinson's Report