Parliament Committee - Condemns Human Rights Breaches

Parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights is very critical of the way in which people with learning disabilities and autistic people are being treated in mental health hospitals.

Mark Brown

Parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights has just written a report about The detention of young people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

The report is very critical of how people are being treated and it came to a number of conclusions:

It found that "that the human rights of many of those with a learning disability and/ or autism are being breached in mental health hospitals."

Human rights abuses

The report also said that the detention of people with learning disabilities and/or autism causes suffering and does long term damage. 


And that too often families of young people, who may be trying advocate on behalf of their children are considered to be the problem, when they can and should to be the solution 


 It also found that the housing, social care and health services needed to stop people being detained are simply not being commissioned at local level. 

community support


The report also says it has “no confidence that the target to reduce the numbers of people with learning disabilities and/or autism in mental health hospitals, set out in the NHS Long Term plan, will actually happen”.

NHS Long Term Plan

The report says that biggest barrier to change is a lack of political leadership and accountability. 

Harriet Harman and Karen Buck taking evidence from the CQC

Chair of the committee, the Rt Hon Harriet Harman MP QC stated that in gathering evidence for the report " What we saw does not fit our society’s image of itself as one which cares for the vulnerable and respects everyone’s human rights. It must not be allowed to continue".