Mark Neary announces the launch of a new Rightful Lives exhibition

Mark Neary
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Halloween is several days away. Christmas will be upon us in the blink of a John Lewis ad eye. But here at Rightful Lives we've turned our attention to 2020 and we're excited to announce that on 6th January 2020 we will be opening three new exhibition rooms.

And that means we're asking you to slip your creative hats on again and reflect on where we are currently with the human rights of people with learning disabilities and/or autistic people. This is the official launch of the 2020 exhibition and we're looking for your contributions.

Room 1 has the current (very loose) title of "What we did in 2019". This is deliberately flexible and we're looking at all manner of exhibits that express what 2019 has meant for people and their lives and human rights. As before this can take any creative form: artwork, music, story telling, photos, film, poetry, craftwork etc.

Room 2 will focus on all in patient services that currently have a CQC rating of inadequate or requires improvement. As well as housing the CQC reports we want to hear your experiences if you have been detained in or had encounters (professional or personal) with any of these services. The Room may turn into a chamber of horrors but we believe it will be useful to have all these places, displayed for everyone to learn about, in the one place.

Room 3 will be the responses to the question we will be asking all the main players in the world of learning disability and/or autism - "What are your plans for 2020 in relation to the human rights of people with learning disabilities and/or autistic people?" If you have any useful contacts who you'd like to ask this question to, feel free to do so. We will exhibit every response we receive and will exhibit a blank space for those bodies that don't respond.

We are putting in place a deadline of 11th December 2019 for all contributions. In order to get the exhibition ready for 6th January, we have to be rigid over this cut off date and cannot accept any contributions after that date.

Please contact us at: exhibition@rightfullives.net with your ideas. We know that the two previous exhibitions had an enormous impact. Let's strive to make the 2020 exhibition the most creative and most powerful one yet.

Many thanks

The Rightful Lives Team